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Finding Flow - Mixed Films + | Virtual

From the film Blueprint, Photo by Jarrett Lindal

What happens when you put your foot on the first hold and press upward or when your shovel pierces the earth as you lay down a new trail? With each step your body seeks to find flow and ultimately your mind finds peace. This program is about starting new journeys and leading the charge.

This program contains mature themes and subject matter


Program subject to change

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Experience a mountain bike trail coming to life before your eyes and explore the motivations behind the builders' creative expression.

Mark Matthews, Scott Bell
Scott Bell
Scott Bell Visuals
From the film Fortress Ghosts, photo by Cameron Sylvester

The Fortress Ghosts


When Fortress Mountain closed in 2004, the once vibrant ski resort slipped into a remnant of the past. Two decades later the far side chair, frontside chair and day lodge remain standing. While the guests have disappeared, ghosts remain.

World Premiere

Cameron Sylvester, Bryan Smith
Camille Jaccoux
Reel Water Productions

The Ocean Solution


Farming under the sea? Meet Bren Smith, the ocean farming pioneer whose vertical kelp and shellfish farms can transform the way food is produced. Unwilling to tether himself to land, he took the hard lessons learned and returned to the sea with a new method of restorative ocean farming.

United States
Darcy Hennessey Turenne
Birgit Cameron
Patagonia Provisions

Weaving The Path


For centuries, weaving has formed an integral part of the Coast Salish communities' culture. Yet for around 82 years the tradition of weaving lay dormant. Debra Sparrow, Chief Janice George and Angela George, among other Coast Salish weavers have since revived these lost traditions.

Cristóbal Ruiz
Olli Dickerson
Pachamama Film
From the film They/Them, photo by Blake McCord



For Lor Sabourin, climbing is more than a sport; it’s a way of exploring identity and building resilience in the face of adversity. They/Them follows Lor, a trans climber, into the sandstone canyons of northern Arizona, on a journey to piece together one of the hardest and most inspiring routes of their life. By embracing the strength in vulnerability, Lor has found the space to thrive and build a climbing community that others like themself can call home.

United States
Blake McCord
Justin Clifton

+ Special Bonus Presentation – 3 Sisters on 7 summits

Growing up with their family in the remote Rolwaling Valley in Northeastern Nepal, Nima Jangu, Tshering Namgya and Dawa Futi Sherpa watched their father and brother pursue a life of climbing supporting large expeditions in the Himalaya but they couldn’t have imagined a life of climbing for themselves. As a result of encouragement from their brother Mingma, a few crazy conversations amongst themselves, and some quick planning, in May 2021, Nima Jangmu, Tshering Namgya and Dawa Futi found themselves summiting Chomolungma (Mt. Everest) together as a team. In doing so, they set a new record as the first three sisters to reach the highest point on earth. With the highest summit already under their belts, these three inspiring Nepali climbers hope to empower and motivate women in Nepal and indeed all over the planet. 

In summer 2021, The Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival arranged a remote interview with the three sisters in Kathmandu and Nepali journalist and correspondent Subina Shrestha.