Funding Opportunities for Artists

Banff Centre's Artists' Fund provides financial support to artists in many of our programs (see the Fees section on each program page for information about funding available). In addition, for your convenience, we have compiled a list of national and international opportunities that may help you fund your experience at Banff Centre.

You may also wish to contact your provincial or municipal arts council for more information. We are always looking to expand and update our links section, so please contact us with any suggestions.


Banff Centre Funding

Banff Centre Scholarship Fund

Thanks to generous donations by individuals and corporations, and to Banff Centre revenues, financial assistance is available for qualified participants to attend Banff Centre programs. Funding is only applicable to the residency fee and on-campus accommodation and meals. There are no cash awards.

The Benediktson Fellowship Fund for International Artists

Through the generous support of the Benediktson family, these fellowships are available, with preference, to Icelandic and Mexican artists to pursue independent residencies with the goal of advancing current projects or creating new work. The fellowships may also support these artists to attend annual programs within all artistic disciplines. The fellowships are awarded centrally through Banff Centre's Arts Programming Office and on the recommendation of the department director. If you wish to be considered, you must hold a citizenship of one of these countries with a preference of still residing there. 

The Maria Francisca Josepha Brouwer Scholarship Endowment fund for Dutch Musicians

Through the generous support of Irene M. Bakker, financial assistance is available to program participants from The Netherlands who attend Banff Centre's music, opera or dance programs. The scholarship is awarded with a preference for classical voice, but all instruments will be given consideration.

Paul D. Fleck Fellowships

Banff Centre grants Paul D. Fleck Fellowships to artists whose unique achievements and innovation distinguish them in the arts community. The fellowships recognize the achievement of these gifted artists by providing them the opportunity to create new work using the resources of Banff Centre to develop and refine their projects. The Paul D. Fleck Scholarship Trust was named in honour of this former president of Banff Centre (1982-1992). The fellowships are awarded centrally through Banff Centre's Arts Programming Office and on the recommendation of the department director. 

The Raul Urtasun - Frances Harley Scholarship for Young Emerging Artists from Argentina

Through the generous support of Raul Urtasun and Frances Harley, Banff Centre is accepting applications for the Raul Urtasun - Frances Harley Scholarship for Young Emerging Artists from Argentina. Learn more.

The Audrey E. Klinck Scholarship Fund

This endowment supports scholarships for female artists participating in any arts program, with a preference for women over the age of 40 who have found their creative voice later in life.

The Sir Jack Lyons Scholarship for the Arts

The generous support of the Sir Jack Lyons Scholarship for the Arts provides financial assistance annually to one or more artists from Israel in the disciplines of music, dance, or film. The scholarship provides the opportunity to participate in programming, receive mentorship, and create new work at Banff Centre. The successful applicants will have diverse opportunities to showcase their work and to share their culture with peers and audiences from around the world. 

How to Apply

Please note, you do not apply to any of Banff Centre’s specific scholarships on an individual basis. If you would like to be considered for support, please complete the Financial Aid application form when applying for a program.



Indigenous Arts

Media + Production

Literary Arts

Performing Arts




Visual Arts

For more information, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Travel Grants

Travel grants at the Canada Council for the Arts are open to professional artists through their respective disciplines. Artists may apply any time before departure date, and should apply as early as possible if they wish to receive results before departure (6-12 weeks in advance, depending on the program).

Many Provincial Arts Councils also offer travel grants, through their core funding programs to artists or through specific travel or tour grants. In cases where no specific travel grants are listed, we recommend calling a program officer at your local arts council to discuss what options exist in your region.

Other resources:

Grant Application Tips & Tricks

  • Take time to carefully read grant application guidelines.
  • Attend local or online orientation sessions or grant application workshops.
  • Contact grants officers to seek advice if you have questions.
  • Review the application process/system well in advance of the deadline.
  • Prepare your application in advance and provide clear/concise answers.
  • Ensure your budget is realistic, not inflated and that the math adds up.
  • Select portfolio materials that best demonstrate your practice and support your creative objectives.
  • If submitting supplementary materials, review naming conventions and file requirements (formats, file type, file size), and ensure your submission follows the guidelines.
  • Stay within any word limitations.
  • Take time to review and re-review your application and look for any typos or broken links.
  • Submit application prior to the deadline!

If you require a letter of support from Banff Centre, please contact with any required details (acceptance letter, dates, fees breakdown, etc.).


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