Indigenous Leadership

Join an intergenerational legacy of strong community leaders

Indigenous Leadership programs at Banff Centre provide leaders an opportunity to gain a better understanding of how to establish a strategic direction for their communities and organizations, implement that plan through focused effort, and measure performance.  

Leaders also learn the knowledge and skills necessary to run effective organizations and build communities with sustainable economies. With investment in their professional development, community leaders will have additional knowledge and tools to achieve incredible change and growth.

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An update on our offerings

We are thrilled to be offering many programs towards the Certificate of Indigenous Leadership, Governance, and Management Excellence. Please review our upcoming Indigenous Leadership offerings to see what programs are available.

If there is a specific program you are interested in attending, please email us at and we can add you to a contact list to be notified when the program becomes available.

Wise Practice Element 1: Identity and Culture

Wise Practice Element 2: Leadership

Wise Practice Element 3: Strategic Vision and Planning

Wise Practice Element 4: Good Governance and Management

Coming in Spring 2025: Intermediate Establishing Institutions of Good Governanace.

If you are aiming to complete your Certificate of Indigenous Leadership, Governance and Management Excellent in 2024, please select a second course from another element to make up your 7 program credits.

Wise Practice Element 5: Accountability and Stewardship

Wise Practice Element 6: Performance Evaluation

Wise Practice Element 7: Collaborations, Partnerships and External Relationships

Other Indigenous Leadership Programs (non-certificate pathway)

I am very pleased with the quality of instruction that I received during my stay at Banff Centre for the Arts.  Our instructors were experts in the field of negotiations and I appreciate their level of knowledge and dedication to our lessons.  We were given the perfect balance of instruction and debrief exercises.  I came away from this experience with new skills and techniques in negotiations.   We began each morning with smudging, a prayer and teachings.  It was an honour to begin each day in this way lead by a respected elder.  Chi Miigwech!  (Thank you very much)

Cindy Aguis, Intermediate Negotiation Skills Training 2023

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