Minnewanka Variations #14

Tyler B. Jordan

March 31 – May 1, 2016

Tyler Jordan, still from "Minnewanka Variations #14" (2016). HD video, 16:9, 12:12 minute loop. Courtesy the artist

Tyler Jordan, still from "Minnewanka Variations #14" (2016). HD video, 16:9, 12:12 minute loop. Courtesy the artist


Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Building, Atrium
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Minnewanka Variations #14 is a part of a series that references the artist’s memories of iconic landscapes in Western Canada as source material. Specifically, this film features fragmented imagery of scenic views found near Lake Minnewanka, in Banff National Park. As vistas in the film shift from one to the next, the specifics of these locations become less relevant, raising questions as to the boundaries between documentation, reality, and memory in the work.  

Tyler B. Jordan is a visual artist based in Banff, Alberta. Originally from the prairie landscapes of South-Western Manitoba, he draws much of his inspiration from observing flora and fauna in their natural settings. His work often explores ways in which memories and dreams can be depicted, as well as themes of cultural identity. Utilizing both digital and traditional mediums, his work navigates ideas of both the natural and the digital. In addition to his artistic practice, Jordan is the Digital Facilitator for the Visual + Digital Arts department at the Banff Centre.