Julie Lumsden | Winnipeg, Manitoba

Julie Lumsden is a proud member of the Manitoba Metis Federation, with Scottish and German settler ancestry. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice Performance from the University of Manitoba Desautels Faculty of Music. While her training is based in classical music, she mostly orbits in the world of musicals and plays, she is currently in her 3rd season at The Shaw Festival, and has performed on such stages as: RMTC, PTE, MTYP, Rainbow Stage, Theatre Cercle Moliere, Magnus Theatre, and Neptune Theatre.

Process Over Product

For my project, I will be delving into the world of process, untying myself from the need to produce an end product. Seeing as I have performance experience, and have worked for 10 years as a professional theatre artist, I will be using the generous resources allotted to us to really step back into my training as a musician. I will be working with coaches, teachers and mentors to continue my growth in the opera and classical music world with the full artistry I have come to know in my theatre career. I am so grateful for this opportunity and the guidance the faculty has given me.

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Julie Lumsden's residency was generously supported by the Slaight Family Foundation Scholarships.