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Flex Meal Plans

Upon registering for a program, you will be assigned a Flex Meal Plan. Plans are based upon an overall declining balance of a lump sum, divided by the number of days you are in a program. The cost of meals and food purchases is deducted from this balance until the credits are depleted.

Vistas Dining Room

Banff Centre is currently offering a Full Flex meal plan for all programs which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Set up as a declining balance, you are free to use your Flex plan at any of the food outlets on campus

Meal plans allow participants (excluding practicum program participants) the flexibility to select meals according to individual needs and schedules. You can select any meal that best fits your schedule on any given day - for example, all three meals one day and only one meal the following day. It is really about what works best for you.

The Flex Meal Plan allows for wholesome, nutritious meals; however, if you use the meal plan to purchase specialty coffees, sodas, and other snack foods in addition to dining room meals, your account will be depleted before the end of your program.

If your account is depleted during a program, you can purchase additional meal credits by contacting the Admissions Office. You can avoid any unexpected surprises by monitoring your account regularly. The balance remaining on your account will be printed on the receipts you receive from any of the outlets when you purchase a meal. Any balance owing as a result of insufficient credits will be billed to you directly. An explanation of the Flex Meal Plan and how to monitor your account will be reviewed with you at orientation.

The Flex Meal Plan can be used for tips, but not for the purchase of alcoholic beverages. In addition, the Flex Meal Plan cannot be used for other individuals or any non-food items. 

If you encounter a problem with your Flex Meal Plan, please contact the Admissions Office.

Dietary Concerns

Banff Centre can respond to most dietary requests. In advance of your arrival, please contact Participant Resources if you have special dietary needs. 

A medical report from your doctor is required prior to arrival for any medical condition that warrants opting out of the Flex Meal Plan.

Dining at Banff Centre

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For questions about meal plans at Banff Centre, please contact:



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