Climbing Gym

Please note that St. Julien Road is currently closed to all public access due to construction. Access is available via Ken Madsen path, Buffalo Street and Tunnel Mountain Drive.

More details can be found here.

Sally Borden Climbing Gym is open

Contact: Sally Borden Rec Desk 403.762.6450

We recognize that the Province of Alberta has removed the Restriction Exemption Program and the Provincial Mask Mandate. 

As of March 1, proof of vaccination is no longer required to use Banff Centre facilities. It is now optional for guests and participants at Banff Centre to wear a mask while visiting the Banff Centre campus. 

It is our priority at Banff Centre to keep our patrons and staff as comfortable and safe as possible; We have asked our staff to continue to wear masks. Thank you for your understanding and being respectful to our staff.

Hours of Operation

Climbing Gym
Daily: 12:00 pm - 8:00pm
Statutory holidays: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
CLOSED Christmas, Boxing and New Year's Day

Schedule subject to change without notice.

  • Change rooms and showers are available. 

  • Towels and locks are included with your membership or day membership.

  • Climbing shoes and harnesses are available for rent.

Banff Centre is proud to have the only indoor climbing gym in Banff. An ideal place for both experienced climbers and newcomers to the sport.

Types of Climbing


This does not require any ropes as the height you can climb up to is limited to 3.5 metres (12 feet). A set of climbing holds are arranged in a certain pattern and stay below the height limit is called a boulder problem.


These devices are used to climb to the top of the wall without a partner. An orientation on how these are used is required before the first use and only takes a couple of minutes. We have three auto-belays, these are perfect if you don't have a partner but still want to experience climbing as high as you dare!

Top Rope Climbing

Ropes that are anchored at the top of the gym are called top rope climbs. A partner is required to use the top ropes. We check the climber's ability to tie their knot (figure eight only) when they are climbing and their belay skills when they are belaying for the first time.

Lead Climbing

The climbing gym has a variety of climbing terrain for lead climbing, including a one of a kind arch to get on the steep roof terrain! As with the top rope climbing, a belay check is required before lead climbing the first time. We are looking for the skills of the climber and belayer so it is best to bring a partner with you for this check.

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All persons aged 3 years and under are not permitted in the climbing gym except during specific times.

All persons aged 15 years and under must be supervised by an adult when climbing outside of a registered program.