Truth and Reconciliation Summit

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“A unique and meaningful experience to mingle and share in casual conversation with heroes, leaders, and well-known change makers. I found this event to be a rich, insightful, emotional, powerful day.”

— Summit Participant

On October 29, 2016 Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity hosted a Truth and Reconciliation Summit, organized by the Indigenous Leadership department. Hundreds of participants from all over the Bow Valley and Alberta, as well as speakers and panelists involved in Truth and Reconciliation on a larger scale, gathered in Banff to reflect on the truth of Canada's role in residential schools and other forms of oppression, and make plans to bring about reconciliation in their communities and in Canada.

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Reconciliation is not a commission. Reconciliation is not a moment... Reconciliation is a movement.

Dr. Marie Wilson, Commissioner, Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Summit participants gather for a panel discussion moderated by Brian Calliou, Director of Indigenous Leadership Programming, Banff Centre.

Difficult conversations have to walk towards The Truth
and not turn away.

Jesse Wente, Master Of Ceremonies

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Developed with support from the Peter Lougheed Leadership Program at Banff Centre.