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Eun Young Cho, or Choey, (Incheon, S. Korea, 1985) lives and works in Korea and America.  She holds a BFA in Painting from University of Nebraska, Omaha, and an MFA from Ohio State University, Columbus. Choeys’ work focuses on traditions actively learned and passively consumed. Blending visual and narrative strategies found in conceptual art, translation, and inscription, she records the process of language production, its mobility, the transformation and mutability of ideas, traditions, cultural and institutionalized norms.  Choey describes her process as reassembling the fragments of a whole to produce something new that is both dependent upon and free from language.

Video Still from artist Choey

At Banff Centre, I extended my research into language and translation with an experimental video titled 'Grandmother’s Interview'. A work-in-progress, this video presents the narrative of my grandmother’s life centered on her escape from North Korea in the 1950’s. It investigates her emotional attachment to language and dialect, entrenched in various social contexts and past situations. English subtitles serve as audio description to further examine relationships to language through translation. A second and ongoing project titled 'On méMllar' (2019~), explores a sort of spatial translation of my Glyde Hall studio.

Eun Young Cho (Choey)

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