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Éloïse Plamondon-Pagé is a Quebec City based artist who completed her MFA at Université Laval in 2019. Her work has been presented in exhibitions in Québec, China, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Portugal and United States. She was selected to participate in the inaugural XuYuan International Print Biennial of China (Beijing, 2016), and Contextile: The International Contemporary Textile Arts Biennale (Portugal, 2018). Éloïse has received numerous awards and grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Première Ovation, XuYuan International Printmaking Research and Creation Center, and Université Laval.


Éloïse Plamondon-Pagé est une artiste basée dans la ville de Québec. Elle a complété sa maîtrise en beaux-arts à l'Université Laval en 2019. Son travail a été présenté dans des expositions au Québec,, en Chine, en France, en Allemagne, en Islande, en Italie, au Japon, au Portugal, et aux États-Unis. Elle a été sélectionnée pour participer dans la première XuYuan International Print Biennial of China (Beijing, 2016), et dans Contextile: The International Contemporary Textile Arts Biennale (Portugal, 2018). Éloïse a reçu de nombreux prix et bourses du Conseil des arts du Canada, du Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, de Première Ovation, du XuYuan International Printmaking Research, et de l'Université Laval.

Studio Wide View of Eloise Plamondon-Page's Banff Centre Studio, 2020.

Éloïse Plamondon-Pagé, Studio Wide View, 2020

Eloise Plamondon-Page's artwork titled geotextile installation

Éloïse Plamondon-Pagé, Geotextile Installation, 2020.

During my residency in Banff, I dug into previous work captured in Iceland in 2019. I combed through over 300 contemplative videos documenting the luminosity of the sky during summer solstice, and its reflection on the ocean’s surface. The act of filming became a type of correspondence with the landscape; a visual dialogue with the aura and patterns of nature. I made use of the valuable expertise of Visual Arts staff to refine my technical knowledge, and experiment with materials and processes to describe this experience.

Éloïse Plamondon-Pagé

embossed handmade paper sculpture by artist Éloïse Plamondon-Pagé

Éloïse Plamondon-Pagé, Embossed Handmade Paper Sculpture, 2020.

studio research images by artist Éloïse Plamondon-Pagé,

Éloïse Plamondon-Pagé, Studio Research Images, 2020.

Éloïse's residency was generously supported by the Brenda and Jamie Mackie Endowed Fellowships for Visual Artists.