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Megumi Masaki Announced as Director of Music by Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

Posted on April 13, 2023
Megumi Masaki Headshot

Director of Music Megumi Masaki. Photo Credit Robert Hechler.

Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity is excited to welcome Megumi Masaki as Director of Music. Beginning May 1st, Megumi will lead the vision and implementation of Music programming at Banff Centre, developing and nurturing emerging artists alongside world-class faculty. Megumi will guide and deepen music programming, meeting the needs of Canadian and international artists in the 21st century and increasing the profile and reach of our nationally and internationally renowned programs.  

Music programs at Banff Centre provide time and space for artists to push boundaries in honing their skills on the path to realizing their potential. During their time on campus, musicians can focus on their artistic development, with the opportunity to perform and record, while receiving inspiration and career advice from expert faculty members. Music facilities at Banff Centre range from intimate spaces to the spectacular, housing a variety of theatres, recital halls, practice rooms, recording studios, and production facilities.

“I look forward with immense optimism to the next crucial chapter of music programming at Banff Centre,” says Mark Wold, Dean of Arts and Leadership at Banff Centre. “With Megumi’s leadership, energy, and enthusiasm we are in the best possible hands. Her experience as a successful performer nationally and internationally, as an educator at the post-secondary level, and as a tireless Canadian music advocate, will ensure we flourish together today, tomorrow and in the future. We’re lucky to have her determination and expertise.”

Banff Centre has had a formative impact on Megumi’s artistic development, dating back to 1977 when she participated in the Gifted Youth Program. “Over the past 45 years, Banff Centre provided the best inspiration and environment I needed to learn, create, and realize the most important projects throughout my career, and to mentor the next generation of artistic leaders,” shares Megumi.

“I am honoured to give back to this exceptional place and lead Music programming that is built upon the strengths of the past and aligns with Banff Centre’s innovative strategic objectives. I am excited to work closely with the Dean of Arts and Leadership, other Directors, and the Program Operations team to explore meeting points across disciplines, genres and cultures for programs that reflect the energy, diversity, and fast-changing career needs of 21st-century artists.”  

Megumi Masaki Biography
Megumi is a pianist, multimedia artist, educator, and curator. For over thirty years, she has established an international reputation as a leading interpreter of Canadian and new music, and as an innovator that reimagines the pianist, piano and performance space. As a Japanese Canadian artist, her work is connected deeply to building community, acting on Truth and Reconciliation calls to action, and how human rights and environmental issues can be communicated through music and multimedia performances to create narratives that speak truth to power.  

Megumi’s collaborations with composers, visual artists, writers, filmmakers, choreographers and scientists have resulted in the creation of 74 original works and she has premiered over 180 works worldwide. She has released three documentary films and fifteen CD, DVD, LP and digital recordings that include solo piano, chamber music, electroacoustic and multimedia works. Her latest album and documentary film TRANSFORMATION with T. Patrick Carrabré, Keith Hamel, and Bob Pritchard under the Centrediscs label was released on March 3, 2023.

Megumi is featured at major festivals and venues across Canada and around the world. She is a Full Professor at Brandon University and Director of the New Music Ensemble and New Music Festival. A highly regarded teacher, Megumi is regularly invited to give lectures and masterclasses to international institutions. Megumi is a Member of the Order of Manitoba, an elected member of several national music boards, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.  

About Banff Centre Music Programming
Banff Centre has been training artists since 1933 in the Canadian Rockies. Music has been offered since 1936 when courses in musical composition, interpretation and performance were added to the community theatre training programs. Over the decades Banff Centre became a leading force in the education of classical and jazz musicians from across Canada and around the world through its innovative and intensive programs. For more information, please visit