Raising a Family in the Bow Valley

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Many people make the decision to move to the Bow Valley for one reason: mountains. It’s hard to blame them – the Bow Valley offers fantastic lifestyle in a spectacular setting. The next reason for coming to the mountains is often work. 

Often it’s a difficult question of which to choose first: a change in employment driven by the desire to live in the mountains, or a desire to move to the mountains which prompts a change in career. Whatever brings people here, one fringe benefit of that decision is getting to raise a family in the Bow Valley.

Imagine a setting where your children grow up in the small mountain communities of Banff (7,584 people) or Canmore (12,288 people) and get to know everyone in their neighbourhood, if not the entire community. They become part of the fold in a tight knit group of people, sometimes with families who have been in the Bow Valley for generations. 

The schools in those communities are wonderful, too – have you ever heard of a daycare with a rock climbing wall? Well, the Banff daycare's got one. And there's variety – in Canmore alone you'll find public schools, a catholic school, a Waldorf-inspired school, and a French immersion program.

The lifestyle for kids is active as well, with both communities offering a plethora of children’s programs in dance, climbing, swimming and more. If you’re considering Banff Centre for employment, then you will have access to Sally Borden Fitness & Recreation, where you will receive discounts on family memberships, and can take full advantage of programming for adults and children. 

In addition, children of Banff Centre families also enjoy an exposure to the fine arts. Programs in dance, visual arts and specifically, The Banff Children’s Festival, can help expose kids to an inspiring and creative world not always available in small communities. 

A move to the Bow Valley, and a mountain lifestyle, may be a personal priority for you but the move may well be something that benefits your whole family.