Working at Banff Centre: Most Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re thinking about working at Banff Centre then good for you! You’re headed in the right direction, because Banff Centre is a great place to work. Like most people who choose to apply for positions at Banff Centre, you probably have some questions about the process. Well, below you will find a sampling of the most frequently asked questions of our Recruitment team in Human Resources. Hopefully these will be helpful as you consider submitting an application to one of our posted positions.

What is the staff housing situation at Banff Centre?

Banff Centre offers different types of on-site and off-site housing. Accommodation is provided only to Banff Centre staff, and most of our accommodation is shared occupancy (meaning two people per room). Anyone checking into Banff Centre staff accommodation should have their own personal bedding to fit a twin-sized bed, toiletries, alarm clock, cookware/kitchenware, and cleaning products to maintain the space. Our three housing locations are:

The Don Becker Residence – Located on Banff Centre’s campus, “Becker” is a dorm-style living environment. It is the most affordable and is designed for short-term housing with a maximum stay of 18 months. Becker features on-site coin laundry, free Wi-Fi, and lounges with television and cable. There are no pets permitted in Becker.

Rocky Mountain Co-Operative Housing – “The Co-Op” is located at 102 Birch Avenue in Banff, right by the Bow River and the downtown core and offers rent by the room in shared units. The Co-Op is a 20 minute walk from Banff Centre campus. The Co-Op offers on-site coin laundry, cable, utilities (telephone and internet are not included in the cost of rent), and parking. There are no pets permitted in the Co-Op.

The Banff YWCA – “The Y” is located at 102 Spray Avenue, also approximately 20 minutes from Banff Centre campus. It offers 12 private, furnished rooms, equipped with a half bath. The Y features three communal bathrooms, a furnished communal living room, communal kitchen, free Wi-Fi, a small on-site restaurant and laundry facilities. There are no pets permitted in the Y.

What should I know in order to be prepared for my interview?

Here are some helpful tips to prepare for an interview at Banff Centre:

  • Be sure to research the Banff Centre before arriving to be interviewed. Have an idea of who we are, what we do, and what we’re trying to accomplish. A good place to start is the interesting history we have had.
  • Be sure to review, in full, the job posting and description for the position for which you have applied. You will need to have a very clear idea of the job you have applied for.
  • You can increase your preparedness by thinking of examples of your related work experience that would be relevant to the new position you have applied for.  

Are there opportunities for career advancement at Banff Centre?

At Banff Centre we believe strongly in organic growth within our organization and encourage applications from internal candidates for open positions. We have numerous employees who have furthered their professional development by moving within Banff Centre, either laterally across the organization or within their own departments. 

Matthew Ridout, Assistant Guest Services Manager, is a perfect example of this. Matt began with Banff Centre in 2010 as a Night Auditor in our Front Office. He became a Front Desk Agent in 2011, a Front Desk Team Lead in 2012, Front Desk Supervisor in 2012 and in 2016 has transitioned to his new role as Assistant Guest Services Manager. 

Asked about his time at Banff Centre, Matt had to say: 

“When I started working at the Banff Centre as a Night Auditor I had no idea I would one day end up the Assistant Guest Services Manager. At the time, career advancement was not a high priority of mine, as is the case with most people who come to Banff on a working holiday visa. I was here for the hiking, climbing and photography. Looking back I am quite surprised by the opportunities I’ve had though, and without those opportunities I may have been forced to consider other options, or leave Banff. I have seen a number of people progress in their careers during my time at the Banff Centre. There are considerable opportunities for advancement here.”

I have seen a number of people progress in their careers during my time at the Banff Centre. There are considerable opportunities for advancement here.

Matthew Ridout

As a Foreign Worker, what will I need to be considered for positions at Banff Centre, and what will I need to begin work if I am a successful candidate?

In order to be considered for positions at Banff Centre you must have legal working status in Canada, and already be in possession of a valid, open work permit. Your references will also need to be up-to-date, and if you have references from outside of Canada it is a good idea to have those as written references, in English. Any successful candidates will also be asked to provide a clear, Canadian criminal record check—but you will not require this before an interview.

I’ve just been offered a job – what will happen on my first day at work?

On your first day you will be met by a Recruiter before being taken to your department. It is a good idea to review your offer letter, and post-offer letter in full before arriving so you know what supporting documentation you should bring with you. You will then be taken to your department where you will receive your uniform (if applicable) and begin your new job.

Banff Centre features an excellent orientation program which you will attend within a few weeks of your start date. Our orientation provides information about Banff Centre – our past, present, and future – employee policies and procedures, and details our staff events and training. You will also receive a full tour of campus and a lunch in the Vistas dining room as part of your orientation.