Stina Baudin | Montreal, Quebec

Stina Baudin is an emerging Canadian-Haitian interdisciplinary textile artist presently residing in Tiohtià:ke / Montreal, Canada. She has studied both at Concordia University in Montreal and The Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium. She explores and researches the intersectionalities between Black culture, geography, mythology, and storytelling and architectural compositions. 
Inspired by the untold stories of Black people, threads and visual techniques for materialization are hidden in the seams of her work. Using textiles as her primary framework applications via embroidery, collage-making, and tapestries are created in response to found numerical data, personal testimonials and historical events to investigate and weave ancestral relationships between fiber and form.

Stina Baudin's studio at Banff Centre during Emerging Banff Artist in Residence program

Stina Baudin, works in progress. Photograph by Rita Taylor.

Denim artwork created by Stina Baudin exhibited on a white wall

Stina Baudin’s Banff Centre Studio. Photograph by Rita Taylor.

Stina Baudin working with denim in her studio at Banff Centre

Stina Baudin’s Banff Centre Studio. Photograph by Rita Taylor.

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Stina Baudin's residency was generously supported by the Jarislowsky Foundation.