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Banff Centre enriches the world by bringing together artists, leaders, and communities to create, collaborate, share, envision, learn, and be inspired. Banff Centre has had an immeasurable impact over almost nine decades on the lives of individuals, Alberta and Canada’s cultural economy, the global social fabric, and the local community. Having built on the work of those who came before, Banff Centre will pass on a rich inheritance to future generations.

As the Covid-19 pandemic has changed so much in the world, Banff Centre will adapt as it continues to serve artists and develop leaders. It will strengthen its financial and operational model in support of its mission by growing and diversifying its revenue sources as a publicly-accessible registered charity with an enterprising spirit. Banff Centre will embrace innovation, technology, and digital enhancements to support its on-campus programming and explore global opportunities.

Most importantly, Banff Centre will strengthen relationships with its partners and supporters, and the land on which it is located. It will continue to engage with its wide network with a curious, collaborative, compassionate, and courageous spirit.  
Banff Centre’s roots are deep, originating in 1933 from a single course in drama during the Great Depression, and growing into a strong educational and training institution with alumni 
across the globe, making important contributions and acting as ambassadors and key influencers within their networks.

Banff Centre has indeed evolved over time and, through this period of global uncertainty, it continues to adapt and evolve creatively, becoming even more resilient, relevant, and important for the future.