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In its 88-year history, Banff Centre has adapted and grown to meet the needs of artists and leaders over time. It is evolving once more.  


This plan describes five future pathways: CREATE, CONNECT, GROW, PARTNER, and ENGAGE.  


As Banff Centre follows these pathways, it will continue to be guided by its history and remain committed to its roots:


1. Banff Centre will remain a multi-disciplinary educational institution, fostering creativity and offering programming across artistic disciplines, in cultural and Indigenous leadership, mountain culture, and the environment. 


2. Banff Centre will remain committed to a healthy and safe work and learning environment, encompassing the principles of diversity, equity, and access.


3. Banff Centre will continue to be inspired by and preserve the unique sense of place of its home in the mountains on Treaty 7 territory, in Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site, whether delivering programming on-campus or digitally. 


4. Banff Centre will leverage its campus facilities to convene from near and far summits, conferences, meetings, and public presentations that encourage creativity and the global exchange of ideas.


5. Banff Centre will remain a registered charity, with a balanced financial model that includes funding from individual donors, private sector contributions, public grants, and own-sourced entrepreneurial revenue-generating activities.

Banff Centre's Roots: Convening, Arts and Leadership.