Earn a Certificate of Indigenous Leadership, Governance, and Management Excellence

Are you looking for ongoing learning opportunities that stand out and deliver new strategies, tools, and ideas to enhance your leadership? Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity offers a flexible leadership certificate that does just that!

Certificate of Indigenous Leadership, Governance, and Management Excellence

The Certificate of Indigenous Leadership, Governance, and Management Excellence is awarded to individuals who recognize the importance of continuing education and have successfully completed a total of seven programs. The programs are strategically focused on building your capacity to assist your community and organization to successfully move forward into the era of self-determination and successful community economic development. To complete the certificate you will need to take one program from each of the seven elements of Wise Practices. 

To earn your Certificate of Excellence in Indigenous Leadership, Governance, and Management, please choose one program from each Wise Practices Element.

Wise Practice Element 1: Identity and Culture
Wise Practices in Indigenous Leadership
•    Indigenous Women in Leadership

Wise Practice Element 2: Leadership
Inherent Right to Indigenous Governance

Wise Practice Element 3: Strategic Vision and Planning
Indigenous Strategic Planning
Wise Practice Element 4:  Good Governance and Management
Establishing Institutions of Good Governance
Wise Practice Element 5:  Accountability and Stewardship
Leading Teams: Good Governance for Councils and Boards

Wise Practice Element 6: Performance Evaluation
Project Management for Indigenous Organizations
•    Indigenous Evaluation Frameworks

Wise Practice Element 7: Collaborations, Partnerships, and External Relationships
Indigenous Negotiation Skills Training
•    Indigenous Business and Economic Development

*Note: During a time of social distancing and travel restrictions, Banff Centre has transitioned its programming online. The only online program eligible towards the Certificate of Indigenous Leadership, Governance, and Management Excellence is: Project Management for Indigenous Organizations Online. All other remaining online programs are intended to be introductory courses and are not counted towards the certificate. We hope to offer full in-person programs towards the certificate again when it is safe to do so!

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, Banff Centre has reduced it’s course load in Indigenous Leadership, and as such, some programs are not yet offered at this time. We recognize that this impacts those on their path towards achieving their certificate, and apologize for this inconvenience. We are working towards rebuilding our course load and offerings, and appreciate your patience as we build back towards this goal. If there is a specific program you are interested in attending, please email us at leadership@banffcentre.ca and we can add you to a contact list to be notified when your offering becomes available.

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