Indigenous Practice in Banff via Fat-tire E-Bike Tour

Image of Heather Black and Clare McCann for the Indigenous E-bike Tour activity

Embark on a journey through the heart of Banff National Park, where the ancient wisdom and history of the land meets the thrill of ebiking adventure. This unique joint experience is brought to you by Bikescape, and Buffalo Stone Woman, a revered Indigenous hiking guide. Your adventure begins in downtown Banff, where you'll be warmly welcomed and equipped with everything you need, from bikes to helmets.

This journey is an immersion in Indigenous cultural history. Before setting out, partake in a solemn Indigenous blessing and land acknowledgement ceremony, connecting you to the profound history of this place. Then, hop on your ebike for a casual ride through town bike trails. Along the way, you will be immersed in Indigenous teachings and participate in a smudge ceremony, deepening your understanding of the land's significance to its original inhabitants.

To keep you energized, we provide snacks and water as you pedal through the natural wonders of Banff National Park. This 2 hour journey covers approximately 10km-15km. Please note that all guests should have basic bike-riding skills to participate. 

* A registration form for this activity and a waiver are required to be completed prior to tour date. Connect with us at for more information.  

Heather Black - Buffalo Stone Woman

Heathers ancestral name is O’takii Tsowakii and is also known as the Indigenous Adventure Girl: A natural-born adventurist from the Blood Tribe Nation. Heather’s most rewarding experience is being engulfed in the vast beauty of the mountains, connecting to the land and animals- this is where a miracles happen.  What makes each outing special is sharing the beauty of her Indigenous culture and stories of resilience. As a spirited entrepreneur, she is a workshop facilitator, strategist, advisor and always supporting economic development in the Business and Education sectors.  

Clare McCann - Bikescape Mountain Bike & Winter Adventures

Meet Coach Clare (aka Coach Ca-larios) as one of her students suggested. She is a lover of all things bikes. An import to the Canadian Rockies from the east (but she doesn’t tell anyone that anymore). Like many, she came for the summer and never left. She started her cycling career in Jasper while working in hospitality. After taking a mountain bike skills session to work on her own skills, it was then and there she realized that this was her calling. Her own passion for cycling has expanded into getting more people on bikes safely to experience the joy that riding bikes brings to so many people.