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How To - Virtual World Tour

Enjoy the World Tour with your entire household! Below you'll find answers to your questions about renting programs and bundles, details on how to watch the films, and more. 

Tip: Prices are based on watching the World Tour on a maximum 5 devices per household, so you don't have to watch it at the same time as others in your household if you're on different schedules!

Currency: Apologies to our fellow Canadians - due to platform limitations, prices for our online World Tour screenings must be USD. We hope to update to CAD as soon as this feature is further developed. 


Film Programs and Bundle Information

Visit our Virtual World Tour page and click through to the products you want to purcase.

Individual Program Rentals: Onyx and Amber $15 USD Per Program
Two different film programs each with a unique set of films. 
You have 3 days to watch each of the programs (which begins as soon as you hit play)!

Bundle: Onyx + Amber $28 USD
Watch both programs, that's 17 films in total!
You have 14 days to watch the bundle (time starts ticking as soon as you hit 'start watching')!

Programs available until October 24, 2021.

Challenges with a purchase? Contact:

The Fine Print:

Programs are non-refundable. Prices are in USD.
All Canadian taxes are included in the price. (Depending on your international location, additional taxes may be added at the time of purchase.) 
Program subject to change.

How to: Watch the Virtual World Tour

Viewing Your Content   

  • Follow the link to purchase the product you want to buy on the Virtual World Tour Page. (e.g. Onyx Program, Amber Program, or Bundle) 
  • Create an account and complete the transaction on the purchase page
  • You’ll now see ‘Watch Now’ on the program, and you can start viewing 
  • All of the products you’ve purchased will be available to see on the platform
  • You can watch the programs/screenings as many times as you like within the viewing period.
    (Amber/Onyx = 3 Days, Bundle = 14 days)
  • Time starts ticking once you start watching! 

Online Platform Details

We have a customized streaming platform for the festival and World Tour, which you can check out at

The platform can be viewed on a web browser, so you don’t need to download any other software before viewing it.

Do a Test: If you would like to get a feeling for what the viewing experience is like from the web, you can head to the ‘Browse’ tab and watch the Treaty 7 Land Acknowledgement video, or alternatively, you can sign up for the Free Content subscription to view all of the other free content on this page.
The Festival and World Tour App is also available if you prefer to watch on your iOS or Android device. More Information here or see FAQ section below. 

Online Platform Help 

See the FAQ section below for more information.

Having issues? Also check out the help page or contact customer support.

Virtual Mountain Marketplace + Merchandise

Browse and buy the latest gear and Special Edition products from Festival and World Tour partners! 

Vendor booths from all of our amazing partners include branded merchandise as well as anything you might want for your next adventure.

View our 2020 Virtual Marketplace

Special Offer: Smartwool Gift Card

As a thank you for your World Tour purchase, you can receive a $15 Smartwool gift card, valid on a $75+purchase on Smartwool sites (for residents of Canada, the US, and select European countries until March 31, 2021). 

More information and a link to redeem the offer is in your email confirmation of your World Tour purchase.

FAQ: Virtual Platform

What platform is being used for the virtual World Tour?

Due to moving both the festival and world tour content online for a virtual experience, we’ve created a brand new video-on-demand platform where you can stream festival and world tour content. 

At different times of the year, there will be different content on this platform. 

I’m having technical problems with the platform.

Check out our technical help page for lots of useful information.

If you can't find the answer you need on the help page, you can contact Customer Support.

Do I need an account to access the platform?

Yes - You will be prompted to create an account when you make a purchase. This will save your purchase history and make it easy for you to see all of the content available for you.

You can also sign up for the free festival subscription, which will give you access to gems from the festival archives, short films about Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, and more information about our valued partners. It’s not necessary to sign up for a free subscription in order to purchase a program.

I tried logging in with my existing Vimeo account but it won’t work for me.

Our platform is powered by Vimeo but not connected to You’ll need to create a new account for our platform. 

How can I watch content on the platform?

You can watch via the website, and there will also be an ioS and Android app (which will be released before the festival).

Content can only be purchased through the website, and then you can log into your account and watch via the apps.

Read this article for information about how to watch content on smart TVs or other devices

How long will I have to watch World Tour content?

The viewing period for films is as follows: 

Single Programs - 3 Days. 
Bundle - 14 Days. 

  • The clock starts ticking when you hit ‘start watching’ for the first time.

The Onyx/Amber programs will be available until October 24, 2021, and more content and programs will be added throughout the year.

Will I be able to download content?

No, the content will only be available to stream through the platform. 

I want to buy a Gift. I see there’s an option for gifting on the checkout page, how does that work?

If you want to send a World Tour product to someone special, you can gift a transaction to them.  

You will make the purchase, enter the recipient’s email,  a short message if you want, and when the gift is supposed to be sent. The recipient receives an email with information about how to watch the product. They will need to ‘redeem’ the gift, which takes them through a checkout page with a $0 price tag (via an automatically-applied promo code). After that, they will have the program in their account. From there, the same viewing restrictions apply – once they hit play the first time, the viewing period starts.

**If you are trying to purchase a gift, but still have time in your own Virtual Tour rental period, please log out of your account and then make your purchase.**

Which countries? These gifts can be redeemed in Canada, the US and select countries. 
Many of our international tour hosts are planning their own virtual and/or in-person screenings and are not currently offering this virtual edition, so it is not available in some international locations.
See the next FAQ question below for the full list of countries. 

Are the programs available in all countries?

We have tour hosts around the world who are continuing to offer their own programs, whether virtually or in-person, so these programs are not available everywhere.

Our world tour programs on will not be available in the following countries:
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany , Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Japan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Uganda, United Kingdom, Venezuela

Please make sure when you want to gift a program, check the list of countries above.

To find virtual screenings of our films – or live screenings – in the above countries, please visit our World Tour International locations

If you are still unsure about countries included, please email us at

What currency will rentals be in?

2020 World Tour content is currently priced in US dollars.

Due to platform limitations, all pricing will be in US dollars. We are hoping to be able to add other currencies as soon as the platform allows.

How many different devices can I watch on?

Like most streaming platforms, there is a limit to the number of devices you can log in with. 

Each account has a maximum of five (5) devices that can be associated with each account. (Mobile, Laptop, Tablet, etc.)

Users/ households must login with the same account information. Once logged in, users can watch different content simultaneously as long as they are under the five device limit.  

I didn't receive any email confirmation following my purchase.

If you aren't noticing confirmation emails/ notifications coming to your inbox from Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival please ensure you are checking the spam and junk folders. 

If you are still having issues please contact 

Is there an App? Can I watch the films on my mobile/ tablet device?

Yes! We have both an iOS and Android app available. 
If you prefer to watch on your iOS or Android device, our Banff Mountain Festival and Tour App is now available for download in the app store. More Information here

(note that transactions need to take place on the web). 

iOS and Android apps are not required for any viewing - any purchase can be watched directly from your web browser.

Visit our Mountain Festival App page for more info!

After adding my credit card details, the ‘Buy Now’ button seems to be inactive.

Make sure after you have added your credit details that you also enter your province / state in the same credit card field.

Once you have entered the province / state and all other credit card details, the ‘buy now’ button will be activated.

Can I buy a ticket and show these films at a public venue? (School/Gym/Theatre/Other)

No, this event is for at-home use only for individuals, families or small gatherings.

The purchase of rental is for private purposes only and does not include a commercial license.