Ashlee Hendy and Elizabeth Chong, Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park, Australia © Simon Carter

Below you'll find answers to your questions about buying passes and tickets, details on how to watch the films, safety measures, and more.

Join us for nine days filled with tales of remote journeys, ground-breaking expeditions, and remarkable achievements, told by adventurers, photographers, authors, and filmmakers from around the world. #epicadventuresindoors #nineepicdays

FAQ: Festival in Banff

Where do I buy tickets for shows at Banff Centre?

Visit our Passes and Tickets web page to find out more.

Where do I buy tickets for shows at the Lux?

Where do I buy tickets for shows at artsPlace?

Will there be a Festival Marketplace?

This year the in-person Festival Marketplace is back! The Marketplace will run from November 4-6 in the Kinnear Centre (2nd floor). Find out more information here.

Can I buy live tickets and an online pass at the same time? 

No, all tickets and passes must be purchased separately depending on the venue.
Banff Centre tickets from Banff Centre Box Office (online or by phone), Lux Cinema tickets from the Lux website, artsPlace tickets from the artsPlace website and all online passes and programs must be purchased from watch.banffcentre.ca/filmfest.

What other COVID-19 protocols will be in place?

No mandatory measures are in place at Banff Centre at this time. Please note that measures and restrictions may change at any time; find the most current and complete information here: banffcentre.ca/covid-19-measures

Can I book a room at Banff Centre?

The Banff Centre hotel will have limited rooms available on the second weekend of the festival (November 4 to 6 inclusive). A ticket order confirmation from the Banff Centre Box Office will be required to make a reservation after tickets go on sale on October 4. Find more information about accommodation here.

What’s your refund policy if I’m feeling unwell with COVID-19 symptoms?

We do not offer refunds or returns. For any questions, contact the Box Office at boxoffice@banffcentre.ca.

FAQ: Online Films

I’m having technical problems with the platform.

Check out our technical help page for lots of useful information.

If you can't find the answer you need on the help page, you can contact Customer Support via the live chat function on the help page between 7am and 11pm MT. 

What platform is being used for online films?


We’ve created a video-on-demand platform where you can stream festival and world tour content. At different times of the year, there will be different content on this platform – but the festival will be at its usual time of year, October 29 to November 6. 

The platform can be viewed on a web browser, so you don’t need to download any other software before viewing it. If you’d like to get a feeling for what the viewing experience is like from the web, you can check your device compatibility here.
We have a number of apps available - iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Roku TV and Apply TV. Learn more about our apps.  

Apps are not required for any viewing - any purchase can be watched directly from your web browser; however, when watching on other devices, they will improve your viewing experience. 

Do I need an account to access the platform?

Yes - You will be prompted to create an account when you make a purchase. This will save your purchase history and make it easy for you to see all of the content available for you.

Please note that because we changed platforms in June 2022, you will need to create a new account from the one you used during the festival in 2021. You will be prompted to login/create an account when you make your first purchase on the new platform. 

I tried logging in with my existing Festival online platform account but it's not working.

Please note that because we changed platforms in June 2022, you will need to create a new account from the one you used during the festival in 2021. You will be prompted to login/create an account when you make your first purchase on the new platform. 

I tried logging in with my existing Banff Centre Box Office account but it won’t work for me. 

Our platform is not connected to the Banff Centre Box Office.

You’ll need to create a new account for our platform - you will be prompted to create an account when you make your first purchase on our online platform. 

How can I watch content on the platform?

You can watch via the website, or if you’d prefer to watch on a different device, please download the "Banff Mountain Festival" app from the app store. Learn more about our apps.

Content can only be purchased through the website, and then you can log into your account and watch via the apps.

Check out the Smart TV information on the help page for more details about watching on Smart TVs. 

How long will I have to watch festival content?

Content will be released at different times throughout the 9-day festival. For full details view the online films release schedule.

Some events will be available for 9 days, some will be released throughout the week and be available until the end of the festival, and some will have restricted viewing periods (e.g. 72 hours only). Once you've started watching, you will have 24 hours to finish any content you've started. 

The viewing period for all content running until the end of the festival will end at 11:59 pm MST on November 6, 2022. Some award-winning films will be available following the film awards announcement on November 6; this content will be available until November 9. 

Will I be able to download content?

No, the content will only be available to stream through the platform. 

I want to buy a Gift. I see there’s an option for gifting on the checkout page, how does that work?

More information coming soon. 

When can I buy passes to the festival, and when can I watch programs?

Online film passes will be available for sale on October 4 here with the content being released from October 29 (some content will have restricted viewing periods and will be released throughout the festival). Some films have limited views available and reservations will be required to secure your access to these films. Reservations will open to passholders on October 24, and we'll send a reminder email at this time!

There are two passes available, based on where you'll be viewing festival content during the festival period. If you'll be in Canada, purchase the Canada pass for access to 82 films (81 in Ontario), and if you'll be in the USA, purchase the USA pass for access to 73 films. Note passes are not available outside the Canada or USA. 

Individual programs will be available for sale from October 29, and the program description will state the available viewing period for each program. Some programs will be available for the full 9 days of the festival, while others will have restricted viewing periods.

What currency will rentals be in?

Festival content will be priced in Canadian dollars and US dollars. 

How many different devices can I watch on?

More information coming soon. 

I didn't receive any email confirmation following my purchase.

If you aren't noticing confirmation emails/ notifications coming to your inbox from Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival please ensure you are checking the spam and junk folders. 

If you are still having issues please contact the support team via the chat on the help page.

Can I watch the Festival on my mobile/ tablet device?

Yes! We have a number of apps available. Visit our Mountain Festival App page for more information!

Why are there films that aren’t available outside of Canada?

Due to requests from filmmakers, some films and programs must be restricted to Canada.

The price of the festival pass for passholders in the US has been reduced to reflect that there is less content available in the pass for viewers in the USA.