Lougheed Leadership

Our hands-on learning opportunities help to develop the individual and collective leadership needed to shape a better world; the kind of leadership that draws upon both wise practices and creative new approaches that we believe are required to address the challenges and realize the potential of our times. 

Hope Decoded participants generate new ideas. Video by Garrick Ng.
2 hours Why the best #leaders are constantly #learning. https://t.co/Deer6Tbmry
4 hours #Indigenous Women in Leadership program examines the issues that women face as in their job and personal life. https://t.co/mi1gRNtiCO
8 hours #Economic policy will help achieve successful economic activity. Sign up for our #Indigenous #leadership course. https://t.co/4zKng98COf

Lougheed Leadership



...for seeking leadership... the ordinary won't cut it. You have to strive for the extraordinary.

The honourable Peter Lougheed