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The Evamy Studio

The Evamy Studio in the Leighton Artist Studios. 


Named after the designer Michael Evamy, this "glass crystal" studio sits in a small clearing surrounded by a forest of spruce and pine, facing a gently sloping ridge that forms the wall of a small ravine. The studio offers views along the forest floor. There are skylights overhead and windows in each wall. Each corner is glazed and opened to the sky with a diamond skylight. The balanced use of glass and cedar, juxtaposed with ridge and trees, creates an open but private workspace.

Floor dimensions:

5.4 metres wide x 4.5 metres long 

The Evamy Studio amenities include:
6’ motorized live-edge standing desk in walnut wood
Second live-edge console desk in acacia wood
Small lounge area
Desktop computer monitor and keyboard
Bluetooth bookshelf speakers
10’ x 13’ greenscreen on a simple curtain track
Wireless printer
Privacy drapes

Floor Plan

The Evamy Studio Floorplan