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The Gerin-Lajoie Studio

The Gerin-Lajoie Studio in the Leighton Artist Studios. 

Named after the designer Guy Gerin-Lajoie, this bright studio was originally designed for visual artists and is now used for a wide range of projects. A stepped roof-line harmonizes with the rock formation of the surrounding mountains. The work area provides large walls and open space suitable for hanging work. A large horizontal window at the ceiling provides a view and a feeling of openness. The loading bay area and lounge windows can be covered by rolling, white wall units.

Floor dimensions:

5.4 metres wide x 11.5 metres long 

The Gerin-Lajoie Studio amenities include:
5’3”w motorized standing desk
96” x 36” manually adjustable height workbench in birch wood
Two 72” x 30” folding work tables, black plastic
Basic drafting table 20’ X 10’ retractable greenscreen, fabric
Video projector mounted to trussing
Basic easel
Lounge area
Desktop computer monitor and keyboard
Bluetooth bookshelf speakers
Wireless printer
Portable, short-throw video projector
Six-tier rolling wire shelf unit
8’ stepladder

Floor Plan

The Gerin-Lajoie Studio Floorplan