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COVID-19 Measures: The Library and Archives are currently closed. Please visit our COVID-19 Update Page for more information.


The Library and Archives serves the learning and professional needs of the artists, leaders, and researchers from across Canada and around the world who participate in programs at Banff Centre every year. The library provides a unique and extensive collection that includes music scores, books, periodicals, audio and video recordings, digital resources and artists’ books. The archives collections preserve the extraordinary legacy of Banff Centre and are a resource for research into our history and activities.

Paul D. Fleck (1934-1992) A cultural statesman, visionary administrator and passionate communicator, Paul Fleck had a major impact, not only on Banff Centre, but on the Canadian cultural and business community as a whole. His passion for the written and spoken word, and Banff Centre's history, led him to champion the growth of the Centre's library and the development of its archives.


LOVE, LOVE the library here. Such great staff and amazing resources. I could have spent my whole residency there. The object library was fab! I took out the succulent plant the weeks I was there and had a little friend in my room.

Artist/Participant, 2017