Signature Image Submission

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The 2017 Signature Image Competition winner announced! 

The 42nd annual Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival will be represented by John Price's image of Larry Shiu ice climbing, Cascade Mountain, Banff National Park.
2018 competition opens mid-January.
  See details below on the 2017 competition. (For Reference only)  
The annual signature image is used on our marketing materials which includes posters (both in Banff and in approximately 40 countries on the World Tour), postcards, banners, website (Festival website as well as World Tour host sites), 30,000 Festival brochures, 32,000 Festival programs, and over 120,000 World Tour Magazines. 

We are now offering a payment of $2,000 (CAD) for the winning image. 
The photographer also receives far-reaching exposure of their work, and the winning image will be featured prominently on our website and during an exhibition at the 2017 Festival, along with the winner's biography. 
The winner will also receive 10 tickets to attend events at the 2017 Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival.  

How to Enter

The 2017 competition is now closed. Deadline was Feb. 22.
The 2018 Signature Image selection opens mid-January, 2018.

Please contact if you have any questions. . 



  1. Please first read through the image elements and technical requirements below
  2. Submit the online form with your contact information and include the following
    - Your image(s) (no more than 4 images)
    - OR A link to a photo gallery/lightbox that you've prepared specifically for the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival.


Image Elements: What we are looking for

Theme: The signature image reflects our mountain-themed Festival.

Concept: We look for an image that evokes passion and energy, has a dynamic and enticing landscape and/or features a mountain activity.

Orientation: The image must work well both vertically and horizontally. Most of our marketing materials are vertical (posters, banners, postcards, ads, etc.), but for web and video production, a horizontal orientation is preferred. Many of our winners have been horizontal originals that crop well vertically for marketing materials.

Clean: We incorporate the placement of numerous sponsor logos, so we are looking for images where these can be easily incorporated.

Exposure: We want an image that hasn’t already appeared in a national ad campaign or been featured in magazines.

Free of commercial elements: We want an image without prominent commercial elements such as clearly visible logos.

Technical Requirements

  • JPG files are preferred, 2MB max per image. 
    (The winner will be asked to provide a high-resolution RAW or TIFF file - Vertical format original: minimum height 17"h (or larger) at 300 dpi; Horizontal format original: minimum height 17"h (or larger) at 300 dpi) 
  • Please provide a maximum of 4 images. Send us your best choices! 
  • We welcome lightbox/gallery web links as long as they are created specifically for this competition – and ideally we will need to be able to download the images for the selection process.