Khadija Mbowe | USA / Canada / Gambia

Khadija Mbowe is a charismatic and dynamic singer, entertainer, educator, writer and all around creative.

They are also a content creator using their voice and social media platforms to entertain and educate whenever they can. Writing, filming, producing, editing, and staring in her own projects on a weekly basis. Their growing YouTube channel has over 6.5 million views and counting. Khadija is also an advocate for equity and inclusion in all aspects of the performing arts and has collaborated with many artists to organize events and create more performance opportunities for singers and instrumentalists alike. Khadija's passion for singing and conviction in being a voice of representation is only matched by their pursuit for continuous development in the performing arts and education of the world around them.

They are also the co-founder and Executive Director of The Marigold Music Program, aimed at changing the visual landscape of music by empowering marginalized youth.

Marigold Music Program- Summer Intensive

This "virtual" intensive includes curated music lessons, group classes, and performance opportunities!

With our team of highly experienced and diverse faculty, the SMI is student-centred and intentionally designed to work for all skill-levels and experiences!

This program will provide pathways for marginalized youth to become invaluable members in all facets of the music industry. Through exploration and creative play, they will gain confidence in performing, develop their musical techniques, and gain a network of like-minded peers and professional faculty.

This has a been such an incredible and collaborative experience. I'm leaving this program with new mentors and colleges that are inspiring me with all of their creative work. The dedication to creating a new world for classical music is the spirit of this program and it's been a pleasure being a part of it!

Khadija Mbowe

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Khadija Mbowe's residency was generously supported by the Ruby Mercer Endowment.