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Scene 4: "Agnès and The Boy" from Written on Skin 

Composed by: George Benjamin
Text by: Martin Crimp

Sawyer Craig (Agnès)
Sean Haid (The Boy)

Written on Skin plays with the legend of the Troubadour. The piece centres around three characters, The
Protector (a wealthy land owner), The Boy (an artist), and Agnès (the Protector's wife). The Protector
hires The Boy to create a book about his family's life, during the process of the book's creation Agnès and
the Boy discover their love for each other.

In this scene, Agnès sneaks into The Boy's room as he is creating, asking him to draw an image of a
woman, The Boy shows her an image of Eve. Agnès scoffs, asking him to draw a picture of a woman that
would be attractive to him.