Free Activities | Arts, Culture, and Digital Transformation Summit

Virtual Reality, Art Installations, and Performances will punctuate the sessions of the Arts, Culture, and Digital Transformation summit. These activities are open to the public and offer an insight into work being done in these highly relevant fields. 

imagineNATIVE 2167 Tour

Discover 2167, a virtual reality project commissioned and produced by TIFF, imagineNATIVE, Pinnguaq, and the Initiative for Indigenous Futures. The imagineNATIVE 2167 Tour was commissioned as part of TIFF’s sesquicentennial initiative Canada on Screen.

Virtual Reality Showcase

Experience virtual reality as perceived and created by artists Gille de Bast, Allison Moore, Lisa Jackson, Jadda Tsui, and John Kyle Varley + Ed Renzi in the Virtual Reality Showcase.

Digital Transformation Summit Performances

 At the end of each day, you can attend Digital Transformation Summit Performances. These performances feature the works of artists in attendance and are designed to inspire questions linked to some of the overarching themes of this summit. Please note, these performances have limited capacity and preference will be given to Summit attendees on a first-come-first-served basis.

Digital Summit Art Installations

How do you perceive art? How can that change? View the Digital Summit Art Installations to see engaging works and open your mind to these questions.