Banff Playwrights Lab

The Banff Playwrights Lab was created by playwrights Tom Hendry and George Ryga in the early 1970s. Celebrating its 48th season in 2021, the Lab has sustained its founding principles of focusing on playwrights and developing new works away from the pressures of a producing theatre.

Each year the Lab welcomes Canadian playwrights and their collaborators, providing each writer with a residency tailored to their specific needs with the goal of nurturing, challenging, and inspiring the next phase of their work. Each Lab features international writer/dramaturg teams, an acting company, and partnerships with organizations from across Canada and beyond.

In 2021, the Lab will investigate projects that incorporate multiple languages, and the strategies playwrights use to tell stories across language and culture.

The great gift of the Playwrights Lab is that it is whatever you need it to be whenever you need it. It is uninterrupted time and solitude; it is also an endlessly inspiring community. It is a retreat into yourself and your work, it is also a communion with other artists who quickly become your family, your fellow travelers.

Hiro Kanagawa

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