Else if Else, Impromptuo, Mixtape

Banff Centre Summer Events

Join us for a free concert featuring Banff Centre's Evolution: Classical program participants Else if Else, Impromptuo, and Mixtape. 

(Approx. 105 minutes total. No intermission)
Duration of each group: Approximately 45 minutes 

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Lighting Design — Hugh Conacher

Artistic Producer — Caroline Hollway

Placing (2020) | Naomi Epstein — Else If Else; Zoe Markle, double bass; Nolan Ehlers, percussion; Benjamin Portzen, piano

Interlude | Else If Else 

Biloxi Anapanasati (2021) | John Supko — Else If Else (World Premiere)


Darkroom Processing: 吃飯了嗎? /밥 먹었니? (2022) | Impromptuo — Impromptuo; Joey Chang, piano, co-composer; Katherine Kyu Hyeon Lim, violin, co-composer

Darkroom Processing: 吃飯了嗎?/밥 먹었니? is an original composition premiere. The work is a self-created silent film that is played alongside original music, heavily utilizing improvisation, to tell the film’s story. 

We focus the work on scenes of New York City and friends in our circle to ultimately empower our identified community, centering the people who we care about the most. The phrases in Mandarin and Korean (which translate to “have you eaten yet?” in English) are customary greetings that signify care for another person which forms the heart of our performance.

In narrative motion picture, music is usually designed as an adornment to a director’s film. In this concert, we will challenge the relation of music to its score and the picture, as through this work, the film will arguably be the score instead. 


Biolumy (2022) | Mixtape — Mixtape; Michael Siess, violin; Misha Vayman, violin; Juan-Salvador Carrasco, cello; Nathan Ben-Yehuda, keyboards

7 hellos (2022) | Mixtape — Mixtape

Nimbi/Biostep (2022) | Mixtape — Mixtape

Away from Here (2022) | Mixtape — Mixtape

Catavango (2022) | Mixtape — Mixtape

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