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Program Information

Indigenous Arts programs at Banff Centre

Imajyn Cardinal - Sould, 2019, Indigenous Arts. Photo by Jessica Wittman.


This three-week self-directed story sharing residency invites Indigenous storytellers to develop their projects further in a supportive environment while engaging in Indigenous storytelling practices that inform various disciplines. Guest artists (in person and online) will share their own storytelling practices with program participants. 


What Does the Program Offer?

Storytellers will deepen their understanding of different protocols and practices of storytelling from various cultural perspectives and genres while having the opportunity to share with faculty and peers. The goal is to gather to create networking opportunities that will expand participant's professional networks and the opportunity for possible future collaborations after departure from Banff Centre.

The faculty will host gatherings, workshops and presentations with an opportunity for participants to sign up for one-on-one mentorship sessions. Participants will have a chance to present works in progress to each other at the end of the program. Lastly, the program includes opportunities for on the land engagement. Participants will have time to work in their own studio space.

Who Should Apply?

This program invites storytellers who have a portfolio of one or more previous projects to bring their current “work in progress” to Banff Centre. The program is open to story sharers with backgrounds in spoken word, playwriting, songwriting, theatre, comedy, novel-writing, acting, and film, as well as those with narrative, podcasting and digital narration experience. Applicants must be ages 18+ at the time of the program start date.




  • Week One

Participants will engage in on campus orientation and be welcome by Faculty, Banff Centre Staff and an Elder/Knowledge Keeper. This week will include Faculty presentations and a chance to sign up for one-on-one online sessions with faculty. 

  • Week Two

Participants will begin with morning gatherings led by faculty to ground and check in with needs and questions. Guest artist presentations will be organized during this week and will end with an on-the-land engagement trip that will be hosted by a local knowledge keeper/elder.

  • Week Three

Participants will begin with a welcome to new faculty, say thank you to guest faculty, and check in with needs and questions for the week. Faculty will offer one-on-one review sessions, and peer collaborations take place through shared readings. An internal presentation event will take place to help share works in progress, supporting staff, faculty, guest artists, and elders  (internal and invite only).  

Optional evening activities will include organized fire nights for gathering and storytelling and one evening for karaoke.


What's Included

Single Room Read more Close

Your program fee includes a single bedroom on the Banff Centre campus.

Get connected with other artists on campus and focus on your projects in a creative environment while we take care of the day-to-day essentials.

Meal Plan Icon
Full Flex Meal Plan Read more Close

Using a credit-based system to dine on campus, our flexible meal plans allow you to select meals according to your own needs during your stay. Banff Centre can accommodate most dietary requests. 

The Full Flex meal plan is calculated at $70 credit per day, equivalent to breakfast, lunch and dinner at our Buffet service.

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Group Seminars/Workshops Read more Close

Join in group seminars/workshops.

Online Lectures Read more Close

Join in online lectures

Paul D. Fleck Library and Archives Read more Close

Limited access to the Paul D. Fleck Library and Archives.

Although the doors remain temporarily closed, you can still access a wide range of books, periodicals, recordings and scores through our digital databases available on the digital resources page, and physical items through our curbside pick-up service. 

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Participant Resources Read more Close

Enrich your experience and get to know other artists on campus by taking advantage of the activities and support provided by our Participant Resources team.

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Gym Membership Read more Close

Your program fee includes free access to the swimming pool, climbing gym and fitness suite as well as discounted rates for classes at the Sally Borden Fitness and Recreation Centre.

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Box Office Discounts Read more Close

Enjoy special artist rates for ticketed performances or complimentary access to events.

Fees & Financial Assistance

You pay (fee after scholarship applied)
Total fee (Tuition, Accommodation and Meal Plan)
$8 148.00
Scholarship amount applied*
$8 148.00

Application fee: $35 

Application Fees are non-refundable.

Individual group members must pay an additional registration fee of $35 on acceptance.

*Scholarship of 100% is available and will be applied to cover tuition, meals and accommodation costs.

If you would like to be considered, please complete the Financial Aid section when uploading your supporting materials.

Banff Centre will issue official tax receipts for eligible tuition fees and financial assistance and awards as required by the Income Tax Act. You will receive a T2202 (Tuition and Enrolment Certificate) for eligible tuition fees paid and a T4A (Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income) for applicable financial assistance and awards.

Help fund your experience at Banff Centre. View a compiled list of national and international opportunities here.

How to Apply

Learn more about the steps to Complete Your Application.


A one-page resume or C.V. describing academic, professional, or other relevant experience.

Letter of Intent

A 500 word description of why you wish to attend this program, what you hope to learn or achieve and what impact it could have on your story sharing practice. 

Project Proposal

Please provide a project proposal/ long synopsis (max one page) describing the project you intend to work on during the program, including details of any materials/ equipment required for your project.


Please provide an excerpt from the work in progress that you would like to work on during this program (up to 15 pages)

Resource Request

A writing studio will be provided, and a practice room for performance is available on request - please describe any resources required for practice, and any instruments etc you will be bringing.


Participants are selected by impartial adjudicators on the basis of their submitted material. In addition to artistic merit, consideration will be given to the likelihood that the artist's work will benefit from the program. Applicants will be notified of their status as soon as adjudication is complete.

Please note, application fees are non-refundable and go towards supporting the review of each program application and the adjudication process. All submitted applications are reviewed by a panel of adjudicators, and due to the competitive nature of Banff Centre’s programs, we do not provide feedback on applications or guarantee acceptances into programs. All applicants will be notified of their application status via email following adjudication.



All programs, faculty, dates, fees, and offers of financial assistance are subject to change. Program fee is subject to applicable taxes. Non-refundable fees and deposits will be retained upon cancellation. Any other fees are refunded at the discretion of the Banff Centre. The application deadline is 11:59 p.m. Mountain Standard Time.

Contact Admissions

For questions on preparing your application, please contact Admissions:

Toll Free Number (Canada + USA)