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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  If you have additional questions, contact the Admissions Team

Applications and admissions

How do I apply for a program or residency?

Please complete an online application via the specific program page on Banff Centre’s website, and then submit your support materials via SlideRoom. You can submit your support materials by, signing up or logging in to an existing account in SlideRoom.

If you need access to the application form in an alternate format or support completing the submission please contact or call 1.403.762.6180 to discuss. 

Are international applicants eligible to apply for programs?

Yes, most of our programs accept international applicants.  Please check individual program pages for details of who is eligible to apply. 

Programs with a duration of over six months are limited to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada only. Programs that accept international applicants, and last less than six months, require individuals to aquire a valid Visitor Visa before the program commences. Details about how to apply for a Visitor Visa, and current processing times, can be found on the Canadian Government's website. There is also some helpful information of Banff Centre's International Visitors page.

How do I know if my application has been received?

You will receive a confirmation email once your application has been submitted. The Admissions Office will contact you if there is anything missing from your application. If everything is complete, you will not hear from us until after the adjudication process so please be patient.

You can also check the status of your application in the Student Portal.  Application Under Review indicates that we have everything required and it under review by the Adjudication or Funding Panels.  The status switch can take up to 3 business days after the deadline has past. 

When can I expect to hear about my results and how will they be delivered to me?

Banff Centre respects the need for artists to plan ahead for their visit; applicants will be notified as soon as adjudication is complete. Most programs have an adjudication turnaround of 4-6 weeks from the deadline date. However, this timeline is subject to change based on the number of applications received and the program's scheduled start date. The Admissions Office will inform you of the final decision via email. 

Can I apply to more than one program at a time? Do I have to complete the application form twice?

Yes. As adjudication is conducted by differing faculty or departments, we require separate applications for each program.

What time do applications close?

The application process closes at 11:59PM MST on the deadline date stated on the program page.

What is the SlideRoom portal?

SlideRoom is an online portal that Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity uses to adjudicate applications. This is where you will upload all supporting material for your application. Click here to log in, or sign up for the first time.

How old must I be to apply to a program?

Applicants must be ages 18+ at the time of the program start date. 

Is Banff Centre a college-based institution? Can I receive university credit?

Banff Centre is a non-degree granting institution. Prior to attending any program here, participants seeking university credit should consult with their college or university to confirm whether Banff Centre programs will be accepted for credit. Banff Centre assumes no responsibility for such acceptance for credit. Students wishing a transfer should refer to the Alberta Transfer Guide, which lists all course and program transfer agreements between post-secondary institutions. Transfer information is available online at or by contacting

How do I accept my place on a program?

Your program-specific Admissions representative will contact you via email. You will be directed to your Student Portal to review your acceptance documents and complete any forms and payments to secure your spot.

Do I have to pay a deposit to accept my spot on the program?

Yes, once accepted onto a program, a confirmation fee is often part of your acceptance process to hold your place. Details regarding this requirement and how to pay are detailed in your Student Portal.

When is the final balance due?

Your final balance is due 45 days prior to the start date of your program. If you are offered a space from the waitlist or received late acceptance your payment is typically due right away. In this scenario, details can be discussed with your Admissions representative.

Where and how do I pay these fees? What methods of payment do you accept?

Processing or registration fees are payable online through the Student Portal.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover Cards and cheques in Canadian currency. In person, we can accept cash as well as debit card payments.

Banff Centre reserves the right to cancel your acceptance if fees are not fully paid by the due date. Contact the Admissions Office if you are unable to meet the deadline. Banff Centre cannot issue a deferment on the basis of a grant/loan application. To meet the payment deadline for your program, you may have to arrange alternative financing. However, if you have payments pending from guaranteed loans or grants, with written evidence from the loaning or granting agency, you may request a deferment through the Admissions Office 

What if I need to cancel my spot in a program?

Please contact your Admissions representative to cancel and discuss any potential cancellation charges or refunds (if applicable).

Participants are not eligible for an adjustment in program fees due to early departure, late arrival, or withdrawal from a program.  See Fees, Payments and Cancellations for details.

Participants withdrawing for compassionate reasons must speak directly with their programming area. Any adjustments or refunds will be made at the programming area's discretion. 

How can I log on to my Student Portal?

Go to Student Portal. Then enter your username and password. If you have forgotten your password, click the 'Forgotten Password' link.

If you have any further issues accessing your portal account, please contact the Admissions Office.

What should I do if I cannot log in to my Student Portal?

Here are some things to try first:

  • Ensure you remember to include the dot '.' in your Username -  e.g Test.Username
  • Remember the password is case sensitive
  • Try opening the weblink in another browser, this often solves a cache issue. Google Chrome is the preferred browser.
  • Try using an alternative device

If you are still having problems, please contact the Admissions Office.

What should I do if I have a problem with my application on the deadline day and I cannot get hold of the Admissions Team?

Firstly, don't panic! Our office hours are 8:30AM - 4:30PM, Mon-Fri. If you have a query outside of these times, please email the Admissions Office and include your name, contact information and the program you are trying to apply for.

Someone will be in contact with you the next day to help you complete your application. If you need to submit supporting material with your application, please continue to collate these documents in SlideRoom, without submitting. When you are contacted by your Admissions representative, they will give you a code to proceed to submission. As long as we have a timestamped email before 11.59PM MST on the day of applications closing, you will not be penalised and your application will still be accepted.

Can I apply after the deadline?

Unfortunatley, we cannot consider late applications. 

Campus information

What are the on-campus facilities available to participants and/or faculty?

All participants have access to the Paul D. Fleck Library & Archives, Sally Borden Fitness Centre, Vistas Dining Room and Maclab Bistro. In addition, all the arts disciplines have respective creative spaces available, according to your program. See our specific facilities pages; Visual Arts and Performing Arts, or contact Participant Resources if you have any specific questions about on-campus facilities. 

What are my meal plan options on campus?

The program fee for most residencies at Banff Centre includes a meal plan with access to our on-campus dining facilities, offering artists a range of meal options during their stay. Please let your Admissions representative know of any dietary requirements you may have, during the registration process.

Using a credit-based system to dine on campus, our flexible meal plan allow you to select meals according to your own needs during your stay. The meal plan is calculated at $70 credit per day, You can request before arrival to be put on the $50 credit per day plam. Shcolarship is reflective of 50% of the plan selected. 

Documents from the Admissions Office

Can someone write me a letter proving I applied to a program for a grant application?


1. You can download via your Student Portal 

Log in and go to : Application Info - Applications

Student Portal - Application Letter Navigation

Then select course you wish to obtain the letter for and hit NEXT

Application Letter - Course selection

The letter will then be displaued and can be printed as needed. 


2. Contact who can produce a fully signed version. 


Where can I get a transcript / Letter of Attendance, and is there a cost?

Please contact the Admissions Office to request a transcript. If you are requesting a transcript after you leave campus these will be emailed to you at no cost. If you require a mailed copy there is a $10 fee. 

Can you provide any additional information with my Confirmation Package to assist with entry into Canada?

We will issue you a zero-balance statement to provide proof of your attendance once all program fees have been paid through the Admissions Office. Anything more specific must go through your Admissions representative. For general information about immigration, please see our International Visitors page, or go to the Canadian Immigration website.

Where can I get a description of a residency or program I participated in?

You can search for the program on Banff Centre’s Past Programs page , or speak to our Archives Department.

How to I obtain new a new T2202A or T4A?

Go to the Tax Information for Program Participants webpage for instructions. 

How do I get a receipt of payment?

Log in to your Student Portal and click on 'Financial Information'. Select the enrolment and then select the payment for which you would like a receipt. Click in the pop-up box to print your receipt. 


Print Receipt


Personal Information

How do I change my email, address, telephone number or name in your system?

Please contact your Admissions representative if you are a current or recent participant. If you are an alumni or prospective applicant, please email any personal information change requests to

What if I have dietary or access requirements?

Please list all requirements on your application or when confirming your place at Banff Centre with the Admissions representative. Please visit our Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access page to understand how we can support participants on campus. You can also contact our Participant Resources team to discuss your personal circumstances in more detail.

What will my accommodation be like?

Your program fee includes a single bedroom at one of our on-campus hotels, for the duration of your residency. If you have any issues regarding your accommodation whilst you are here, please contact Participant Resources

Where do I get my ID from and what does this card do?

All participants will be issued a Banff Centre Identification Card (ID card) commonly referred to as your Artist or Student Card. Keep this card with you at all times to pay for meals, access services, performances, lounges, dining rooms, library and other recreation facilities. If you lose your card you will be charged $5 to have the card reissued.