Winter Programs Update - 2021

Mount Rundle in the Background over Banff Centre Campus Buildings

Banff Centre campus' serene beauty in the Winter. Photo credit: Krista Bell

Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity continues to offer an array of exciting online programming across artistic and leadership disciplines.

Following government restrictions and gatherings due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, on-campus/in-person programming which had been previously planned for Winter 2021 were moved online where possible.

The online Winter programming plans follow a successful suite of Fall programs delivered online. In post-program evaluations received to date for the Fall 2020 Arts and Indigenous Leadership online programs: 95% responded that they were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their online program experience; 86% rated the relevance of their online program as "very good" or "excellent".

“We feel it is important to continue to provide world-class educational and training opportunities for artists and leaders in our unique Banff Centre model. We have heard from participants that our online programs connect them meaningfully to each other and to our campus on the side of Sacred Buffalo Guardian Mountain in Banff National Park.”
— Howard R. Jang, Vice President Arts and Leadership Programming

We can create moments of connection, and foster artistic and leadership practices across all disciplines, even in this period of isolation, and that means the world to us.

Howard R. Jang

Among the programs being offered online this Winter are:
•    Banff Musicians in Residence Winter 2021
•    Negotiation Skills Training Online (Sessions in January, February, and March 2021)
•    Winter Writers Session 2021
•    Opera in the 21st Century Online (Session 2 of 4 ongoing from Fall 2020)
•    Akunumusǂitis: Ecological Engagement Through the Seasons 
•    Leading Teams: Governance for Indigenous Councils and Boards Online
•    Adventure Filmmakers Workshop 2021 Online
•    Write Over Here
•    Spring Writers Retreat 2021 Online
•    Emerging Visual Artist Intensive Online

In addition to these online offerings, Banff Centre has also initiated a new, one-time In-Situ Leighton Residency program, allowing artists to advance projects that cannot currently take place on Banff Centre’s campus due to COVID-19 restrictions. The In-Situ Leighton Residency program will advance eight artists through five projects, representing a mix of artistic disciplines, by providing $10,000 of support towards each proposal.

Programs for Spring and Summer 2021 are currently in development and will be announced soon.

“We are excited to reopen our campus to artists and leaders, to bring people together in collaboration and creativity. Hosting programs on campus will depend on restrictions on gatherings; Banff Centre’s top priority during this period has been and continues to be supporting the health of our community.”
— Howard R. Jang