Evolution: Classical 2022 Participant and Faculty Program (Jul 7)

Participants and Faculty from Evolution: Classical 2022 Programming

Message from Artistic Director

We are so pleased to welcome you back to Sacred Buffalo Guardian Mountain, for summer performances at Banff Centre.

It is with great excitement that summer music residency programs return to Banff National Park this year, under the leadership of Annalee, Jamie and Roman from Canada’s renowned Gryphon Trio. While the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted artists and arts organizations across the land, the Gryphon Trio and their supporting faculty and staff have expertly convened an esteemed, international cohort that will include artistic exchange, collaboration, shop talk, concerts, and no doubt some mischief.

We thank our many supporters who help make it possible for these artists to benefit from a rich Banff Centre experience. If we ever took arts crowds for granted before Covid prevented us from gathering, we never will again in our lifetimes.

Lastly: we hope you can pardon the construction outside this summer as the redesigned pathway takes shape up St. Julien Road to the campus. It’s about to look better than ever!

~ Nathan Medd, Managing Director, Performing Arts

About the Program

Evolution: Classical is an innovative artist development program for instrumentalists and vocalists who are in the early stages of career development and are interested in exploring and expanding the traditions and conventions that define their artistic practice. Led by the Gryphon Trio, Evolution: Classical brings participants together with international performing artists, thought leaders and creative innovators to collectively explore the challenges and choices that emerging, entrepreneurial artists encounter as they make the decisions that determine their way forward. 

This house program highlights the artists and faculty who are here for the duration of the Evolution: Classical program and concerts. To find out specific program repetoire and curation, please check out each individual concert event. 


Thursday, July 7 in the Margaret Greenham Theatre:

Lighting Design — Hugh Conacher

Artistic Producer — Caroline Hollway


Unexpected creation | Martin & Marie — Martin Daigle, percussion and movement; Marie Lévêque, percussion and movement

One way or another, we all show up with expectations.
Unexpected opens a field of explorations for two performers to break from the expectations we all have of dance, percussion, performance, and listening.
Would you walk your microphone like you would a dog?
Can a tree be a drum?
Does a drum kit need a drummer?
Bring all your expectations to the show and leave them on the way out.


One Day Older | Alex Ellsworth — Alex Ellsworth, cello

Crepuscule with Nellie (1957) | Thelonius Monk — arranged for cello by Alex Ellsworth

An Egg Without a Yolk (is Nothing) | Alex Ellsworth — Alex Ellsworth

NASA | Alex Ellsworth — Alex Ellsworth 



String Quartet No. 5: Rosa Parks (2005) | Daniel Bernard Roumain — Allegra String Quartet, Janna Sailor, viola, artistic director; Erin James, violin; Alicia Venables, violin; Kathleen de Caen, cello

      1. "I made my mind up not to move"

      2. Klap Ur Handz

      3. Isorhythmiclationistic

Dedicated to the memory of Rosa Parks, and courageous women everwywhere. 

Roulette (2007) | Anna Clyne — Allegra String Quartet


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Repertoire from previous concerts can be found on the corresponding event page. 

June 23 - Evolution: Classical - Sounds like Stories
June 28 - Evolution: Classical - Transformations
July 4 - KöNG Duo, Ollie Hawker, Madeline Hildebrand
July 5 - Else if Else, Impromptuo, Mixtape
July 6 - Claire Latosinsky and Futian Yao, oirTrio, Persephone and the Phoenix


This program is generously supported by the Maria Francisca Josepha Brouwer Fund for Dutch Artists, Alice & Betty Schultz Endowment Fund, Cyril & Elizabeth Challice Teaching Fellowships in Music, Yolande Freeze Master Artists in Music Fund, Peter & Sheila Bentley Distinguished Guest Artist, and The Gryphon Trio.

Additional Messages


We are thrilled that you will joining us this summer for the second edition of Banff Centre Evolution: Classical. This unique program was launched last summer and took place entirely on-line in two sessions. It was a remarkable experience that resulted in the establishment of a very inspired and engaged community of participant and mentor artists that collectively explored classical music curation and concert presentation. Evolution: Classical is about harnessing and honing the resonance that you create as an artist.

The Evolution: Classical program brought us all together for three weeks on the Banff Centre campus. In the context of this beautiful setting, we work toward testing and adopting new ideas while collaborating with other artists on presenting many wonderful evenings of concert programming.

If this is your first time venturing into Banff Centre summer music, welcome. We are thrilled to have you join us for this golden summer at the Banff Centre!

~ Annalee Patipatanakoon, Roman Borys, Jamie Parker — Directors, Banff Centre Summer Music Classical Programming

About the Company

Production Staff:

Brendan Briceland - Head of Projection
Brett Rayner - Head Stage Carpenter
Raj Rathore - Assistant Head Stage Carpenter
Lyle Fish - Head of Sound
Charles Culver - Assistant Head of Sound
Matt Flawn - Head of Lighting
Darrell Shaw - Assistant Head of Lighting
Albert Picknell - Head Piano Technician
Henry Ng - Audio and Music Technician
Genevieve Nevin-Jones - Production Coordinator
Chaz Anderson - Production Coordinator
Samantha Hindle - Technical Director
Woody MacPhail - Senior Technical Producer
James Clemens-Seely - Senior Recording Engineer
Jeff Kynoch - Recording Engineer
Jen Chiasson - Lead Video Technician
Darcy Locke - Maintenance Technologist Video
Raffi Tchalikian - Technical Support
Nathan Medd - Managing Director, Performing Arts
Jake Tkaczyk - Program Manager, Performing Arts
Nate Spasiuk - Program Delivery Specialist