Signature Image Challenge

Calling all Mountain and Adventure Photographers

The 2021 Festival and 2021/22 World Tour will be represented by Christian Pondella's image of basecamp in Denali National Park, Alaska.

Find out more about the chosen image!


The annual signature image is used on our marketing materials which includes posters (both in Banff and in over 40 countries on the World Tour), banners, website (Festival website as well as World Tour host sites), and any marketing materials including brochures, programs, and our Festival/World Tour magazine. 

  • We offer a payment of $3000 (CAD) for the chosen image. 
  • The photographer also receives far-reaching exposure to their work, and the chosen image will be featured prominently on our website along with the winner's biography. 
  • Plus the opportunity to view Festival events (online 20/21)

The deadline to enter was March 1, 2021. 

How to Enter and Technical Requirements

Deadline: Was Monday, March 1, 2021 (10 p.m. MST)

Please first read through the image elements below to find out what we are looking for. 

1. Submit the online form with your contact information and include the following:

a.) Your image(s): No more than 10 images,
b.)  A link to a Photo Gallery/Lightbox that you've prepared specifically for the Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival
Please do not have an expiry date to download images.
Please specify in the "Notes" section of the form if you are sending a We Transfer file. 

Tecnical Requirements:
JPG files only.
File size for initial entry:
Between 1 MB (minimum) – 3 MB (maximum) per image.

Final file size: 
If selected, you will be asked for higher resolution images in April.
The photographer of the chosen/winning image will be asked to provide a high-resolution RAW or TIFF file.
The image needs to be used in large formats sizes such as tall banners, 11 x 17 posters and larger, therefore the final image will need to be these approximate sizes:
Vertical – 300 dpi at 18 inches x 24 inches or larger
Horizontal – 300 dpi at 24 inches x 18 inches or larger

Entry Form

Please contact if you have any questions. 



Image Elements: What we are looking for?

Theme: The signature image reflects our mountain-themed Festival.
The image can be taken from anywhere in the world, as long as it's mountain-themed.

NOTE: In 2019/2020 we received quite a few "high altitude basecamp" images that we liked. Although they weren't selected as the chosen image, we certainly considered a few, and we'd love to see more of those types of images entered. 

Concept: We look for an image that evokes passion and energy, has a dynamic and enticing landscape and/or features a mountain activity. 

Orientation: The image must work well both vertically and horizontally. Most of our marketing materials are vertical (posters, banners, postcards, ads, etc.), but for web and video production, a horizontal orientation is preferred.
Many of our winners have been horizontal originals that crop well vertically for marketing materials.

Clean: We incorporate the placement of numerous sponsor logos, so we are looking for images where these can be easily incorporated.

Exposure: Ideally, we would like an image that hasn’t already appeared in a national ad campaign or featured on a cover of a major magazine. However, if your image has already been used in other major publications/campaigns, please let us know 'where', just so we know it's history and previous use so that there aren't surprises later. That would be appreciated, many thanks in advance.

Free of commercial elements: We want an image without prominent commercial elements such as clearly visible logos.

The image will be used by Festival and World Tour hosts and partners who are third parties connected to the Festival and may be used on items such as shirts, merchandise, banners etc.