Expense Disclosure Policy and Claims

Expense Disclosure Policy

In September, 2012, the Government of Alberta announced the implementation of a new expense disclosure policy for the Government. The Government’s commitment to expense transparency and reporting includes the requirement that all public agencies, boards and commissions implement an expense disclosure policy in alignment with that of the Government.

Accordingly, commencing in December 2012, Banff Centre is posting expense reports online for the President, Vice Presidents and all members of the Centre’s Board of Governors. Postings will be available on a quarterly basis within two months of the end of each fiscal quarter.

These expense reports include:

  • The name and position of the individual who incurred the expense;
  • The description of the travel and/or hosting expense and rationale;
  • The date of all transactions listed on the expense claim;
  • Identification of the expense category (travel, transportation, accommodation, meals, incidentals and hosting):
    • ‘Hosting’ encompasses the provision of food, beverage, accommodation, transportation and any other amenities provided to individuals who are not engaged in work for Banff Centre.
    • The total amount claimed for each expense category on the expense claim.
  • Any information that would normally be withheld under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP), such as personal information, will be redacted from supporting documentation and will not be publicly disclosed.

Original receipts are retained in Banff Centre Finance and Administration files together with the original expense claim. These are retained for a 7 year period. Once this retention period expires, these documents are disposed of by being shredded. Online posted expense report files stored electronically will be permanently deleted upon the expiry of 7 years.

Policy posted December, 2012

Expense Reports

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